Sunday, January 5, 2014

so far

A few things...

I am totally on track for cooking only ONE out of the seven aforementioned planned meals.  What to do with the cauliflower that is going to probably go bad in a few days?? Make it into baby food and give it to poor Luke? Can babies eat cauliflower?? Dunno....

My two big boys missed a day of school last week not because they were sick, but because I FORGOT  that they had school.  What is the matter with me?!!!!!  ACK!!!!!!!

Thinking back, I guess it's okay that they missed school because one of the poor kids has two ear infections...which I tried to remedy using a homemade concoction of garlic infused coconut oil (Alli I see you rolling your eyes this exact second!!) and it definitely did NOT work.  I feel like a terrible mom because his ears are still causing him some wretched pain.  After the poor guy continued to complain about pain (even though I had dropped garlic coconut oil down his ears for days on end, multiple times a day), I caved and he's on day three of antibiotics.  I know, I know, lesson learned.  My inner leanings toward being a medicine free healthy meal planning hippy mom can only take me so far.  And poor Jack still smells like garlic.

Lastly, for no real reason, I started to drink a TON of lemon water.  Maybe it is because I got fed up with being dehydrated and concluded it's because regular water has lost its luster.  So I started to squeeze lemon juice into a pitcher of water and have been guzzling it.  I haven't taken the time to look up the benefits of lemon water online but all I can say is that from experience, it is amazzzzing! I have been way less hungry, it cleared up a couple of zits I was starting to get, and I haven't needed any afternoon caffeine since I started to drink it.  I would guess its all related because the lemon water is the only new thing I have done with my routine for a while now....

So that's what I've learned so far this year: I need to keep a calendar, and look at it every day.  I should stop trying to subject my innocent children to crazy hippy oil infused healing techniques and I should keep drinking the lemon water (and of course not force it on my children) :)


  1. Your post just made me laugh. We have had lots of days like those lately. You are right about the lemon water---my husband swears buy cucumber water. I told him cucumber water reminds me of a spa and there is nothing spa like about our house :) Happy New Year!

  2. I just read your post about the garlic infused coconut oil to my Allie, your cousin. I don't know if you meant her when you said "Alli....", but my Allie, your cousin, replied...."duh, you've got to use diluted apple cider vinegar!" Just love reading your blog!