Thursday, March 7, 2013

winter recap

So spring is almost here, right? Our snowstorm yesterday was a great finale to a wonderful winter as you will see below.  Here's a peek of how I got through a cold winter with my one, two and three year old:

the moon bounce in our basement. here's a pic of it on its way down. i think chase is under that sombrero somewhere.  best money i've spent in my LIFE!

trips to dulles town center to ride the choo choo, grab balloons from nordstrom and of course, eat chick-fil-a.

don't break the ice! 

bath time probably every night to kill more indoor time... of course tilly here is trying to get out, as usual....wonder why???!!!!

YO GABBA GABBA.  I think I've memorized every song to every single episode. And yes those are socks on his hands, standard uniform around here.  as are the disappearing pants, neon headbands and mismatched socks.

Hockey in the driveway.  Lili, not walking yet.

Tennis in the garage.  Lili, not walking yet.

Baking soda/vinegar/food coloring fizz painting!!  THE BEST (and only) craft I've ever done with the boys.  

Homemade yo gabba gabba band.  Tilly on the mic, chase on the guitar and jack conducting of course.

HIGHLIGHTS!!!!  It's been 6 years since I've put some legit highlights and it is good to feel blonde again!  Definitely a major bright spot of my winter.

Read three books at one time, no prob!

Yo Gabba Gabba.  And puzzles.  What would our life here be without puzzles? Well I'd be able to see my floor and tabletops again. 

And more time in where else but our BASEMENT!!  Couldn't have done winter without that magical place.  

Don't know.  But of course tilly is still on all fours.

Chapped lips and waiting for the doctor so we can hear baby brother's heartbeat.

palm beach beauty with my man...

Jack learning his letters thanks to who else?? Professor i-pad!!!

After dinner dance parties in their underwear of course

And finally some REAL winter fun at Grandude and Nina's farm!!!  

Love my little rugrats and even though I am NOT a fan of cold weather, we had tons of fun this winter rompling around in our jibbies (pajamas) doing ridiculous things and taking some funny pics.

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