Wednesday, February 6, 2013

right-side-out is over-rated

I used to have myself pretty together back in the day.  I got almost perfect grades, kept a detailed agenda and passed room inspection 100% of the time back in the all-girls boarding school.  After college I was an executive assistant for an extremely busy boss and made a good living by organizing people, events and keeping myself and others straight!

Fast forward and I am now a busy mama, who does NOT have it together in those ways any more.  The past few years I have tried to keep a calendar or to-do list or something and a month or so into it, I lose said calendar, or throw it away on accident because I am so disorganized!  (yes, I know, keep my calendar on my phone! ...but you don't want to know my track record with phones either).  I doubt that any of my mom friends now would ever believe that I used to be organized for a living, but that's okay.  Like I said before, I'm content in this state of chaos and truthfully enjoy the freedom that this new, type B way of life brings me.  I'm sure that one day when my kids aren't all so young and dependent that I'll have more brain cells to devote towards organization, but right now I'm giving it all I've got and what I've decided that is right-side-out is over-rated.

When it comes to laundry, I mean.  The washer and dryer run daily here and the amount of clothes I pick up and throw into the washer will just continue to grow as the children multiply and the years pass.  I am sure of that and have accepted it as a constant part of my routine.  That said, I have racked my brain on how to spend the least amount of time on laundry as possible.  Here's what this oh so organized mom does not do: I do not, when folding the laundry, turn every single article of textile right-side out.  It totally cuts down on the folding time.  I figure that when it comes time for the owner of the inside out piece of clothing to put it on, they can take one extra second that day to fix it, if they so choose :)  

Also, I don't even fold my kids clothes!!  I just throw them directly from the dryer into their plastic bins, which are stacked in the laundry room.  They just wear casual stuff every day that doesn't really show wrinkles so I save myself time and skip the folding.  They inevitably plow through their bins each morning anyway trying to find the perfect outfit, so everything ends up unfolded after all.  

Moving the little tots' "dressers" to the main floor laundry room was the most helpful thing I've done as a susie homemaker.  My little ones get dressed and undressed multiple times a day and since we spend all of our waking hours on the main level, this has made my life so much easier.  The other main reason I decided to keep their clothes in the laundry room is because it means I will actually put away their clean laundry (unfolded and inside out of course).  I had the hardest time putting away their clean laundry when their dressers were in their rooms because they of course are napping when I find the time to sort laundry.  And of course I am not going to go in their rooms while they nap or am I ever able to remember to put away up there while they are awake.  SO, bins in laundry room = problem solved. 

One last time saver laundry tip: the kids' clean socks go in the drawer located under the washing machine, un-matched for the most part (I do match lili's socks) because the boys are old enough now to find two that match every morning.

And for the sake of my mom who may read this, I did not learn these tricks from her ;)  She did a much better job ;)

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  1. These are great tips! Spending time loving your kiddos is way more important than right-side-out, neatly folded laundry!! Don't think you'll ever regret that decision!! I commend you for embracing your new type B way of life! :)