Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"candy" for the kids

Nope, not valentines day candy.  I've fooled my kids into thinking that candy is their daily regimen of vitamins.  I am no health or nutrition expert but my brother has spent a lot of time researching supplements and holistic health, so I take his recommendations when it comes to what vitamins and supplements to give the kids.

I started my kids on their daily "candy" regimen about 1 year ago and this winter has convinced me that  their "candy" is working!!  This winter my toddlers have had lots of play dates, been dropped off at the gym's kids club and church nursery quite often, and sometimes even played on the nasty mall playground and they have not had a cold since September.  Of course last week, a few days after I run out of their vitamins and am waiting for the next shipment to arrive, they all come down with a cold.  Maybe the two events are connected, maybe they are not, but my husband and I both agree, let's make sure we don't run out of candy again.

Here's what I give them and I order them from Vitacost, which is the least expensive website I've found.

They have their probiotics before one or two meals every day. Probiotics fixed what I thought was their "gluten sensitivity" or toddler IBS.  Probiotics give your gut a great dose of good bacteria which helps with digestion, fights against yeast production and therefore prevents bad bacteria growth and illness.

Here's where they get a great deal of "DHA," which promotes brain growth (important for little ones for obvious reasons)... from these fruity chewy balls of cod liver oil.  They also give the kids naturally occurring vitamins A & D, which helps boost their immune systems. 

This is their multivitamin "candy," they eat them after lunch.  I've tried them and they are delicious!

This past flu season, in addition to the vitamin c they receive from their multivitamin, I've given them these vitamin c animal candies after dinner and they love them.

If you're inspired to order some supplements from from vitacost, let me know because every time you refer someone, both people get $10 off their order.

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