Monday, January 7, 2013

white walls

I'm about to pull a re-do on my home decor.  Or maybe based on the way that I make decor-related decisions, I should say that I'm about to start THINKING about pulling a re-do on my house.  Don't hold your breath.  I want to re-paint a large part of our home, specifically the rooms that are the "open" part of our open floor plan (everything minus my office and the dining room, which will stay my beloved BM Italiano Rose).  The walls I want to paint are currently a variety of neutral tones that the previous owner picked.  They have been fine for the past three years, but I really want to finish decorating our home which means painting, window treatments and artwork.  Painting is the obvious first step to me, and I think I finally I know what I want.  (everyone who has seen the dozens of paint samples on all of my walls recently must be happy to hear this)  I've tried about 9 different "greige" samples and about 7 more light tan-ish samples but none of them fit the bill, especially up against my 8 year-old "bone white" trim and light brown wood floors.  I want the spaces to feel bright, warm and relaxed but do not want even a speck of yellow on my walls, which rules out any sort of tan.  And given the warmth of the floors and my own general color preference, I've ruled out the grey based tan option.

Left to Right and then Top to Bottom: BM Swiss Coffee, BM Muslin, Behr Crepe, Behr Calm Air, BM Barely Beige, Behr Biloxi, Behr Light Incense, BM Edgecomb Gray, BM Revere Pewter 50% Lighter, BM Edgcomb Gray 25% Lighter, BM Classic Gray 50% lighter, BM Revere Pewter 50% lighter, BM Revere Pewter, Behr Wheat Bread, BM Elephants Breath, BM Hazy Skies, McCormick Appollodorous.  As you can see, a decision must be made!!!!  Well now, 

I want white walls.  Not cream, not off-white.  

Like I said, our floor plan is pretty open and the rooms where we spend the majority of our day in are sun-drenched with beautiful windows and high ceilings.  I think white walls and trim will make the home feel relaxed, open & airy... 

I'm a cali girl (or anywhere where I can find sunshine and warmth year round for that matter) at heart and I feel like airy white walls are just what this northern virginia lady needs in her life.  Am I crazy?!  Almost four kids under the age of four, three of whom are boys, a husband, sister and dog who also live here, and I want to paint the majority of my house white?!  I think I am.  But I do remember meeting Mr. Clean's magic eraser in college when I moved out of my junior year college apartment.  I was shocked at how he made all of our white rental walls look just like new when the time came to move out and our landlord was just waiting to charge  us for every scratch, pencil mark and fingerprint that he found in that place.  BOOYA, thank you Mr. Clean.  You just convinced me to get the entire house and trim repainted a glorious white.


  1. Have you tried BM White Dove yet? You might really like that one.

  2. No, I need to go to the depot and grab that one!! It sounds familiar so I've probably seen it on one of my many pinterest posts. Maybe that for the trim and swiss coffee for walls?