Monday, January 14, 2013

The Perfect White

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was fun, we had an evening with friends and their baby and then I enjoyed a nice Sunday afternoon with the neighborhood girls at a group baby shower.  Four of us are due within a month or so of each other and we all live within a 1-block radius!  Crazy!  Like my one neighbor said at a Christmas party this year, "you come to Brambleton to breed."  He couldn't be more accurate.  Time with girlfriends is so special, and I love that I live in a community like ours, where neighbors actually get to know each other and do life together.  In our neighborhood we celebrate summer with block parties, celebrate babies with showers, the holidays with some great parties, and girl time with wine and laughter.  This community also seriously comes together to help those in need which is the icing on the cake.  I've seen my neighbors donate clothes to a kid in school who has been seen in the same sweatshirt for weeks, raise money for all sorts of charities and events and give away all their nice baby gear to financially struggling moms.  It's so encouraging to me to see how aware this community is of how blessed we are and how willing it is to generously bless others.

On another note, while the kiddos napped I literally watched paint dry.  I would not wish the search for the perfect white paint on anyone, not even the nurse who presses on your stomach so hard twenty million times right after you give birth.  Is that not the worst thing ever?!!!!  I am dreading that come the arrival of baby boy.

I did not know what I was getting into when I said I was going white.  Well, the painters come tomorrow morning, which means I've made my final picks.  Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace for the trim and Benjamin Moore Simply White for the walls.  

Chantilly Lace is a pure, crisp white.  I painted samples of each white in almost every room, and Chantilly Lace held bright, clean white everywhere. 

Simply White is another pure white but just a tad softer, which I thought would look great on the walls. Even though it has a warmer feel to it than Chantilly Lace, it never looks yellow or tan.  

Other whites I tried and my reviews:  Keep in mind I tested these whites in mostly south-facing rooms that get a lot of natural light.  Also, I have light warm wood floors and cabinets.  With these factors combined, I knew he slightest hint of yellow or tan or pink that happened to be in these white paints would be noticed. 

Benjamin Moore Decorator's White: I was so excited for this one.  I thought that surely it would be the winner given that it's one of Pottery Barn's whites and highly recommended by many designers as a pure, cool white.  But I saw pink!!  It was my fastest "definite no."

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee:  I was so tempted to choose this for about a 12 hour period. It looked great in every room but once I compared it to Chantilly Lace and Simply White, it became clear that it's part of the off-white family (at least in my home), which is the exact color from which I want to escape!

Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee: Pretty much the same feelings toward this color as the Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, but it was overall just a tad "duller" than Ben Moore's version.  

Benjamin Moore Super White: A very bright white as you the name lends you to believe, but in my home it looked too gray.

Benjamin Moore White Dove: Nice white, but again, I would probably place it in the off-white family. In my darker rooms, I saw the tan factor.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White:  I understand why this is a very popular color for trim, if you want a solid, bright off-white trim.  It looks the same in every room, but it's in the off-white family.  

If I were willing to go off-white again for trim and walls, Cloud White trim with Swiss Coffee walls would be an amazing combination.

Stay tuned for pics of the fresh new vibe hopefully!!!!!  If you're reading this, please reassure me that it will look great.  I'm having a bit of anxiety over how it will turn out!! 


  1. it's going to look awesome er!!! and if you don't like can change it...nothing too life altering here :) can't wait to see it!

  2. yes, it will look great!! crisp and clean and airy and bright....SoCal all the way! and molly is right -- if you don't love it, you can change it. :)

  3. well i just checked in on the house and i'm in love so far!