Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I do own clothes other than yoga pants and solid colored v-neck tees.  SHOCKER!!  I can't say I own that many since all I've really needed the past four years is my "get fat" wardrobe and my "get skinny" wardrobe!  Having kids back to back hasn't really given me the time or energy to keep up with the trends so I've managed to acquire a few classic pieces when I do get the chance to head out shopping.    One thing I love is my H&M white blazer.  It's nice because I can wear it while pregnant even though it's not maternity.  I also own a lot of black tops and gray tops.  The one I have on tonight is long enough to cover the belly here (at five months preggo) even though it's not maternity either.  Pants on the other hand must be maternity for me at this point.  I'm a fan of the full panel, which I've got on here.  I call these my "fat skinny jeans" since I can eat as much as I want when wearing them.  Crucial for tonight's dinner out.  And the boots are compliments of DSW clearance!!! 


  1. you look great!!! hot momma out on the town!

  2. haha thanks molls! yes! we celebrated the sunrise sale and went to clydes of course :)