Monday, January 21, 2013


Over the past 24 hours I've held intense conversation with two different women.  The first woman I ran into was a freshman in my high school when I was a senior.  We had not talked in over ten years and she was very curious to hear about my life and now children, husband, etc.  She just graduated from business school, makes great money and spends her free time traveling with friends.  I described to her my day-to-day routine and she was a little shocked to hear how repetitive and unglamorous it is.  Of course I explained to her how cute and hilarious my kids are and how I love (almost) every second of being a stay-at-home mama, but still she just couldn't believe the around the clock work that small children require.  She told me a few times that she loved the strength and confidence that she saw in me yesterday as well as twelve years ago.  I think she was trying to attribute it to my birth month, or astrological sign, but I insisted that it is all from God, even back in high school.  I am actually content with my station in life as a stay at home mom, who wears yoga pants pretty much every day and can't seem to find  enough shower time to wash my hair more than twice a week (max) and I am still content?! Well thankfully I've known Him well for a long time and now receive my sense of identity/security from Him.  Maybe I imparted a tiny bit of wisdom to a woman a few years younger than me, searching for her spot in the world, but mostly the encounter just made me so satisfied to know my maker and to know exactly who I am and be wonderfully okay with it.

Today I talked with a woman exactly my age who desperately needs strength from somewhere in order to leave the extremely controlling boyfriend with whom she lives.  She thinks that if she finds another boyfriend than she will have the strength to leave.  I encouraged her to stop telling herself that she doesn't have the strength to leave and to start telling herself that she was made for more.  I encouraged her to seek her identity from somewhere other than a man and to take a break from having a boyfriend for a while, so she can prove to herself that she is strong.  With tears in her eyes, she agreed.  

I know that most of my friends who check this blog are in the same stage of life and frame of mind as me.  But in case you aren't or in case you know of someone who is searching for security and strength, please encourage her to find it somewhere other than money or men.  Mine has come from God for a long time and I imagine it will always come from Him, even though I tried hard during one period of my life to find security in beauty and being thin.  Ugh.  But that's for another blog posting day....

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