Thursday, January 31, 2013

my maternity wear trick

My bump is getting bigger so I'm now able to enjoy the latest purchases I recently made from Old Navy.  I don't like to spend a lot of money on maternity wear for obvious reasons and ideally I like to buy pieces that I can wear in that fourth trimester (you moms who have gained more than 20 pounds during pregnancy know what I'm talking about) too.  So, Old Navy and H&M have been my go-to places when I need a maternity wardrobe refresher.  For this pregnancy here's what I ordered and I've been really happy with all of it.  The trick I've discovered in ordering pregnancy clothes is going to the "tall" category when picking tops.  That way the shirts or cardigans are long enough to fit over a growing belly but don't have that "I'm from motherhood maternity store" look to them.  So here's what I ordered, and only the jeans are "maternity."

I love these jeans--most of the maternity jeans I already have are bootcut or flare so I decided to add these into the mix this time around....

LOVE this top but I have it in their gray/charcoal color.  It's so comfortable and looks nicer than it probably is.  It comes in a ton of colors so I may snag it in a few more.

Another from their "tall" it, it reminds me of something that you might find at lilly pulitzer or some preppy store like that.

Now I can wear a hip "chambray" shirt even while pregnant, just get it in tall (someone please let me know if chambray shirts are still cool? I knew they were a little while ago, but maybe I'm fooling myself wearing one now)?

Their "boyfriend" cardigan. Definitely long enough to cover the bootay if I'm wearing leggings, which is necessary these days and all days but especially now :)

Part of my "uniform," I got it in black of course.

I bought about four of these in solid colors to wear under cardigans, zip-ups and for when it warms up just by themselves.  Definitely wish I would have discovered them for the other three pregnancies as they are really really long and light weight (again, buy them in "tall")

And the final two pieces of my serious every day uniform are the below two dry-fit tops from their Activewear section.  Unfortunately I couldn't find them in "tall" but they still stretch over the bump because of the material.  They are so comfortable and cute (I got both of them in gray, not pink) and perfect for a very casual mom on the  Slap one of these on with some yoga pants and at least I look like I'm trying to have a fit and active pregnancy even if I don't make it to the gym that day :)

And this post would not be complete if I failed to mention these:

Anthropologie fleece-lined leggings for EIGHTEEN bucks!  I have them in black and gray and they are so cozy, even after washing them a lot, they've maintained their cozy warm feel.  Even though they are lined with fleece you wouldn't know it by looking at them because they don't look thicker than normal leggings.

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  1. YES, chambray is still hip!!! i will have to remember your "tall" trick!