Tuesday, January 15, 2013

bedding for the boyz

My boys share a room and both need bedding.  Currently they still insist on using their collection of baby blankets to keep them warm at night, but according to Chase's recent middle of the night screams for more blankets, his teeny tiny knit ones aren't enough for him.  Poor guy.  Jack's temperature stays true to his Canadian blood, warm always, but Chase is a different story.  This little big man needs some extra coverage.  So the hunt is on for their "big boy" bedding.  I randomly looked online at World Market today and may have found the winner .  And it's on sale.  Well that was easier than picking out paint.  The Shanta quilt below reminds me of John Robshaw's textiles, which of course are probably 20 times the cost of what World Market would charge for their most expensive item.
Shanta Quilt: On sale for $39!  Two please. 
Now that I have their bedding I'm totally ready to put together the rest of their room...here's a peek of what I'm thinking for the room:

Jack & Chase's Eclectic Safari Little Man Cave

I've already got the rug, drapes, yellow campaign chest, beds and artwork.  I may reupholster a wing back chair that I already have for their room and then of course, pick up the bedding from World Market.  What do you all think?

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  1. Looks great. Love the rug and the dresser!

  2. Wow! Nice work! I think we own that lion print too, and we love it!